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Dunlop Pro Rapid Waterproofing

Dunlop Pro Rapid Waterproofing System consists of a water-based polyurethane-acrylic hybrid waterproofing membrane and Pro Rapid Tape for undertile waterproofing, so tiling can begin in 4 hours.

  • Use in conjunction with Dunlop Pro Rapid Tape for rapid installation
  • Compressed fibre-cement sheet
  • Crack isolation protection (over plastic shrinkage, hairline & other non-structural cracks)
  • Class III Membrane
  • Residential & Commercial
Use On
  • Internal Fibre-cement wall sheet
  • Compressed fibre-cement sheet
  • Wet area grade plasterboard
  • Concrete (cured for min. 28 days)
  • Internal structural plywood (PAA branded) including marine or wet area grade only (the shower area must be sheeted using ceramic tile underlay)
  • Renders and screeds (cured for min. 7 days)
  • Internal AAC blocks and panels.



Coverage will vary with the porosity of the substrates. Two coats are recommended to get optimum performance.

Walls & Floors : A final dry film thickness of 0.5mm is required.

  • A 20kg pail will cover approximately 17.5m2.
  • A 5kg pail will cover approximately 4.3m2.

Colour & Sizes

Item Code
Light Blue 5kg 40771
Light Blue 20kg 38592

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