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Dunlop Grout Paint

The ideal way to revive a tiled area without removing old or discoloured grout. Its easy to use by painting over existing grout; try one of our 6 colours.

  • Revives old grout
  • Excellent opacity, even over dark colours
  • Easy to use brush applicator
  • Easy clean-up
  • Suitable on indoor walls and floors* and outdoor walls
Use On

Old or discoloured grout


Indoor and outdoor

Colour & Sizes
Item Code
Ultrawhite 250ml 22398
Slate Grey 250ml 22413
Jet Black 250ml 22414
Tile Size
Joint Width
L x W x Depth 1.5mm 3mm 5mm 10mm
25 x 25 mm 9m2 5m2 3m2 1m2
100 x 100mm 36m2 16m2 11m2 5m2
330 x 330mm 120m2 60m2 36m2 18m2
600 x 600mm 200m2 100m2 65m2 35m2

Approximate coverage per 250ml DUNLOP GROUT PAINT.


Dunlop Tile & Grout Cleaner

Drying Time

For drying please allow the Dunlop Grout Paint to be touch dry (approximately 15-20 min – at 23°C and 50% relative humidity) prior to cleaning the paint off the tile. Allow to cure for 2 hours after cleaning and then polish the project area with a soft cloth. The Dunlop Grout Paint will be set after 24 hours, after which showers can be exposed to water. Allow longer for lower temperatures or high humidity.

* Grout Paint may wear faster in areas subject to regular traffic (floors) or frequent exposure to water and chemicals (showers)

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