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Dunlop Express Wet Area Waterproofing

A high performance water-based acrylic polyurethane waterproof membrane offering superior workability with high build to easily achieve the required thickness of an effective waterproof membrane. Use in conjuction with Dunlop Express Wet Area Tape to tile after 4 hours.

  • A high performance water-based waterproofing membrane
  • High build to achieve required thickness
  • Easy to use, brush on to required thickness
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Class III Membrane AS/NZ4858 and conforms to AS3740-2010 Wet Area Membranes
  • Tile after 4 hours when used with Dunlop Express Wet Area Tape
Use On

AAC blocks, fibre-cement sheet, concrete, renders, screeds and wet area grade plasterboard


Indoor, outdoor, wet areas, balconies

Colour & Sizes
Item Code
1kg Blue/Grey 39504
5kg Blue/Grey 23715
20kg Blue/Grey 16551
  • 1kg will waterproof up to 0.84m2 on walls or 0.42m2 on floors
  • 5kg will waterproof up to 4.25m2 on walls or 2.1m2 on floors
  • 20kg will waterproof up to 17m2 on walls or 8.5m2 on floors

There are minimum application requirements when waterproofing. Check with your local council and AS3740 for specs, e.g this product is to be applied 1mm thick on floors or 0.5mm thick on walls (after 2 coats – dry film thickness). Click here to see minimum requirements.

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